a dressing room for undead-related fandoms.

Necropoly! (A dressing room based on the undead.)
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Hello, everyone! This is Necropoly, a dressing room for fandoms revolving around zombies. Crossover characters or original characters having to do with zombies or demons or the undead are also allowed. There are no apps and there is no limit to how many characters you have here. All we ask is that you follow these rules when posting here...

1. Respect your fellow players when OOC. Treat others how you'd want to be treated, blah blah blah. I assume we're all adults and understand this rule. As far as IC goes, be as much of an ass as you want.

2. Please put any explicit content behind a cut and make the post community locked.

3. Do try to use proper grammar and spelling when writing a post. Unless your character is illiterate or they have an accent you like to write out.

4. Make sure to tag your entries with "[fandom]: character name" and put any comments related to the post (such as stating if it's locked to someone particular) in the location box.

Thank you and I hope you have fun! If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to PM me on this account (awomanoftaste).